What would kid-you think?

...because we were a lot smarter back then!

If you asked my ten-year-old self what I wanted to be when I grew up, my automatic reply was typically either “…a happy old man!” or “…a street performer!”.  With the conviction only a child can maintain, both dreams have stayed with me throughout my adolescence to this very day.


The child in me, let’s call her Robin (my name was Robin Elizabeth until I can out with the unmistakable brand of a Y-chromosome), always imagined our life as an epic journey of wonder, joy, and purpose.  Unfortunately for my dream of being a happy old man, and Robin’s epic journey, there has always seemed to be something more important to do than chase those dreams….but NOT ANYMORE!!


Adult me is married to a giant-hearted teacher and blessed with three amazing children, aged 13, 11, and 4 as I re-write this line, and I enjoy my day job as an Innovation Manager in the storied city of Detroit.  Even so, I am always searching for a corner where I sit with my cello and proceed to overstrain my voice box deep into the dark of night.  Robin makes that corner feel like the most magical place on earth.  In her infinite wisdom there is absolutely no reason I couldn’t bring my whole family along for the ride.  Maybe she’s known the path to becoming that happy old man all along.


Inspired by the street performers of my youth, I am ALWAYS weaving music in and out of my daily life.  As an independent artist and producer, I channel my inner-child’s raw curiosity into my music.  My style (at least this is what’s come out of my last few releases!) can be summed up to be ‘AUTHENTIC VOCALS and lyrics paired with a WARM AND COMFORTING CELLO, creatively blended with DELICIOUS SONICS by a curious soul’.  I look forward to meeting all of you on this musical journey.


As I tell my kids every time I bid them farewell, “Stay Awesome!”  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you along the way…