1. Alone


All these parts of my heart
They keep floating apart
A few can still be found
Others had to depart

And I feel so alone
Struggling here alone
Apart from all I’ve known

Whether you’re here or gone
The moments still twist on
Every day, I struggle
And I, and I’m…just done

And when I think I am
I face the mirror and then
I cry…I cry…I cry
Happy tears…I cry…Lonely fears
I cry…I cry…I cry

For you parts of my heart
And the light you impart
To blind the shadows of dark
Behind the mirror I see you

God damn, I’m really not alone
I’m not here all alone
Got friends to call my own

All the parts of my heart
They keep floating apart
Planting seeds as they go
Some lost but all in tow

Thank God I’m not alone
No, I’m really not alone
Got blessed by those I’ve known